Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scrapbooking at the weekend

Hello All
I was in Gloucester over the weekend and did some scrap booking with my friends.
This one took about 4 -5 hours to do.  I learnt how to gut the card and then use it for more than 1 thing.  The backing card was used to make 3 frames in total.  i used an edge cutter to make the frame around the photo.  This took some time as the corners are not easy to do but I didn't make that much of a mess of them.  I had wanted to use this photo for about 4 years but never had the right papers to put with it.  It wasn't until after I had done the layout that I realised that the patterned paper was very similar to the pattern on the vase in the photo. The wording, journalling area and the bird were all cut on Angie's Cricut.

The second layout only took about 1 hour

I enjoy Scrap booking and hope to put more photos up
Even though it can be hard work on my eyes I cannot get enough of it in the summer when we have good light.  Most of my photos are of family weddings and nephews and nieces, but I really like doing the family history ones.  It helps to put the family tree into ether and lets others experience my family as it was , warts and all.

Hope you enjoy my little update.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Queen- 'Princes Of The Universe'

Not easily found on dvd

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever

What to do

Hello All

I dont know what to do today.  I need to get some motivation as to what I need to do, I have ironing,washing up food and other things to do and cant get motivated

At least tomorrow I have Scrapbooking to do yipee