Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trips over the last 3 monhts

Hello Everyone

No blogging done over the last few months.  But now the weather is horrible I decided to look through the photos of the last few months.  After probably the worst start to a year me and the hubby have had, we were going to go away just for a night and that day my hubby lost his job so we could not afford or had the inclination to go.  After 5 months he got work and so we decided to go and get our life back on track.
So here are some of the photos from our weekend away.

The view from the farm road to Winwick in Northamptonshire

Very soon this may not be the view you see as there are plans to put up some wind turbines

When you get to the village there is a beautiful 13th century Church.  It has some very beautiful windows, it is a wonderfully quiet and peaceful place to be and collect your thoughts.

At the top of the village road there is a set of gates and they hide the entrance to Winwick Hall.
The gates are very large and impressive but beautifully made as well.
 This is what they are hiding, Winwick Hall.  I like this building as it is such a surprise to find this in the Village, which also has a Manor house as well.  I may need to find out some more information about both of them.

The gates are attached to a Crinkle Crankle wall, I have never found another wall like this anywhere.  Maybe you know better?
Here are me and Si after our walk and feeling very relaxed.

Now we just have to get Christmas finalised and then we can start next year on a high.

Hope you like my photos, please comment.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Digi Scrapbooking attempts

 Hello All
thought you would like to see some of my new layout from my Digi Scrap booking

This is my great uncle Bernard and his friend Tommy Randall.
Tommy was my mothers God father

This is my mother dad Jo.  If you can read the writing on the page you get 
lots of info about him from that.

 This is mom in Jerusalem in mid June .  She wanted to go and see this large menorah near the Israeli Parliament.  She finally got there.

This is mom and dad in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.  it is a very peaceful place, very quiet and tranquil considering the main bus station is just below it.

This is my Auntie Norma and Uncle John on their wedding day.
I thought you would like to see some of my digi scrap booking attempts.

see you all soon

Monday, May 7, 2012

More from the lottie

Hello All, bet you thought I did not exist any more.  Well we have been busy at the lottie for the past couple of months

The spuds are all in and the peas have been planted too.  We still have some spare ground but we going to plant some corn and courgettes and I have some different types of beans I am going to try this year.

We have some broad beans in this year again but only 1 row as we get some many and not really very keen on them so only 1 row of 12 plants this year.  That will be more than enough.  We intend to plant the sweetcorn between the peas and the broad beans and see how they do.

Below you can see a phot of the whole plot.  if you compare this with the first set of pics then you should a big  difference

Below is the newest addition to the plot.  My new bean poles I am trying them like this for this year.  I have put the canes in 2 rows and then put a long cane at the top to stabilise them and  see how the go with that. I think this is an old way of doing them but very cheap.

This is some rhubarb we found growing on the plot so we moved it to by the apple tree.  They go well together in a pie so hope they like each other's company in the ground as well.  Last photo is just some of the mares tail we have found this week so we have just got to keep going at it 

See you all again soon