Monday, July 25, 2011

Kylie's 1st holiday with us

Kylie on the train from Birmingham to Smethwick

this is the first view of the Oak House in West Bromwich, built in the Tudor period.

Kylie is in the door way of the museum and dont she look very tall or is the doorway very small

Here is Kylie and Simon looking at the plan of the ruins in Sandwell valley

Here are me and Kylie looking back at Simon. We are standing in the Priory ruins

Which way should we go, Left or ............


This is part of Swan Pool down in the valley

and here it is again
Here is a rarity this days, a butterfly in its natural habitiat.  Then we also see Kylie and Siomn eating by Swan Pool

After such a busy couple of days Kylie is really tired and all she wants to do is read.  Again a rare sight, a 23 year old reading and no telly on.

Hope you enjoyed my little trip out with Kylie