Sunday, May 8, 2011

How does my garden grow

Hello All
Thought you may like to see what I am growing in my little veg plot and green house.
I have started a bucket of carrots and done another large pot of the today.  I will keep these in the green house to keep the carrot fly off them.

Here aer some peas ready to go in a large plant pot. Behind them aer some small cabbages I grew from seed.  They will be ready to go in in about  2 weeks. when we can be sure the frost have definitely gone

This is a picture of my very small veg plot,  There aer broad beans, lettuce, turnips, chard, cabbage and onions in there are at the mo. the second photo is a close up of the plot and that should give you an idea of how small it it the long canes are 8 feet. 

This last pic is of some peas ready for the canes to go in soon.  they will then go into the garden and grow on in the pot .  I have another 15 pea plants to put into large planters but really need some more soil so will get that sorted very soon.

I have to get some tomatoes from my friend tomorrow.  I have also got some beetroot plants in a large planter and some more started. I have some sunflowers and courgettes sated and need to keep an eye on the over the next 2 weeks as they should be ready to go out then. My potatoes are doing very well, have to plant the last of them up this week and see how they grow.

So all in all I have got a lot of stuff growing so I eat well over the summer. Maybe even be able to get some stuff frozen this year as well.  I hope to hear from blog land soon