Saturday, October 8, 2011

My new plot

Hello All
I have got a new Lottie plot
We have dug 3 beds so far and it is will take at least another 3 weeks to finish digging it as we only have a couple of Saturday and Sundays to work on it.

As you can see in the top photo we have already planted some things it.

This is the 1st bed we dug and we got about 8 lb of spuds out of it.  we have got lots of weeds to get rid of but what is new for any plot owner.

If you look closely you can just about see a line of string from the bottom right of the photo above to about half way across and then it goes back to the back of the plot.  This is going to be the spud bed for next year.  It needs a lot of digging and weeding but it will give us lots of spuds for next year.

In this part of the plot we have planted 80 onions, both red and white varieties that aer winter hardy. We also planted some pansies, cinerarria.  Not only will it give me some colour but it also helps me remember where I planted some things hehehehehe.

As you can see I have a shed, 2 water barrels and a compost bin.

I will keep you all updated as to what is happening.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kylie's 1st holiday with us

Kylie on the train from Birmingham to Smethwick

this is the first view of the Oak House in West Bromwich, built in the Tudor period.

Kylie is in the door way of the museum and dont she look very tall or is the doorway very small

Here is Kylie and Simon looking at the plan of the ruins in Sandwell valley

Here are me and Kylie looking back at Simon. We are standing in the Priory ruins

Which way should we go, Left or ............


This is part of Swan Pool down in the valley

and here it is again
Here is a rarity this days, a butterfly in its natural habitiat.  Then we also see Kylie and Siomn eating by Swan Pool

After such a busy couple of days Kylie is really tired and all she wants to do is read.  Again a rare sight, a 23 year old reading and no telly on.

Hope you enjoyed my little trip out with Kylie

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How does my garden grow

Hello All
Thought you may like to see what I am growing in my little veg plot and green house.
I have started a bucket of carrots and done another large pot of the today.  I will keep these in the green house to keep the carrot fly off them.

Here aer some peas ready to go in a large plant pot. Behind them aer some small cabbages I grew from seed.  They will be ready to go in in about  2 weeks. when we can be sure the frost have definitely gone

This is a picture of my very small veg plot,  There aer broad beans, lettuce, turnips, chard, cabbage and onions in there are at the mo. the second photo is a close up of the plot and that should give you an idea of how small it it the long canes are 8 feet. 

This last pic is of some peas ready for the canes to go in soon.  they will then go into the garden and grow on in the pot .  I have another 15 pea plants to put into large planters but really need some more soil so will get that sorted very soon.

I have to get some tomatoes from my friend tomorrow.  I have also got some beetroot plants in a large planter and some more started. I have some sunflowers and courgettes sated and need to keep an eye on the over the next 2 weeks as they should be ready to go out then. My potatoes are doing very well, have to plant the last of them up this week and see how they grow.

So all in all I have got a lot of stuff growing so I eat well over the summer. Maybe even be able to get some stuff frozen this year as well.  I hope to hear from blog land soon

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lichfield Cathedral today

Hello All

I went out to Lichfield today and decided to take some photos of the architecture and the inside of the building to share with you all.  This I believe is part of the East side of the Cathedral.  It houses a small chapel for quiet prayer.

This is the north end of the building.  All of the stained glass windows have been removed and replaced with clear glass.  When you are inside the Cathedral it is full of light at this end.  Glorious when the sun shines through.

When you are inside the building at the north end and turn round you see this beautiful Gothic screen and it is bathed in pure sun light through the large windows.  It is a real sight to behold.

In the main body of the church is this glorious metal chancel screen.  At the far end is the rear of the Gothic screen. These seats are where the church leaders sit when they important services such as the induction of the Dean etc.

This is a gateway between the chancel and the north end of the Cathedral and I thought you may like to see the artistry in the metal work.  These gates could just be overlooked, but having a couple of uncles who were both welders and loved to show of their abilities I can really appreciate the workmanship in it.

Lastly I thought you may appreciate the floor tiles.  I remember LL Bowen did something with style of floor once in Changing Rooms and the woman hated it.  I love this type of flooring.

All in all I had a great day at Lichfield and hope you like my different tour of the Cathedral

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Breaking out

Breaking Out

Hello All, I thought you may like to see some of the photos of my garden.  As you can see the seeds I planted are started to show their heads above the ground.

The Lilac tree is showing some new growth and looks like the whole tree will flower again this year in real profusion.

The new cat Willow has started to find her feet in the neighbourhood.  Once she found how to use the cat flap she is out whenever she can.  We got her in November last year and she has taken about 3 months to settle in, but she is now almost ruling the roost, but our other cat Gemma still holds her own.

You can see her again exploring the little veg patch at the back of the garden.  It is only about 6 foot by 8 foot, but we get quite a lot out of it.

Hope you like the few photos of the backgarden and the new cat, I am hoping we keep this warmer weather for a few weeks.  At least my garden should look a lot greener.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scrapbooking at the weekend

Hello All
I was in Gloucester over the weekend and did some scrap booking with my friends.
This one took about 4 -5 hours to do.  I learnt how to gut the card and then use it for more than 1 thing.  The backing card was used to make 3 frames in total.  i used an edge cutter to make the frame around the photo.  This took some time as the corners are not easy to do but I didn't make that much of a mess of them.  I had wanted to use this photo for about 4 years but never had the right papers to put with it.  It wasn't until after I had done the layout that I realised that the patterned paper was very similar to the pattern on the vase in the photo. The wording, journalling area and the bird were all cut on Angie's Cricut.

The second layout only took about 1 hour

I enjoy Scrap booking and hope to put more photos up
Even though it can be hard work on my eyes I cannot get enough of it in the summer when we have good light.  Most of my photos are of family weddings and nephews and nieces, but I really like doing the family history ones.  It helps to put the family tree into ether and lets others experience my family as it was , warts and all.

Hope you enjoy my little update.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Queen- 'Princes Of The Universe'

Not easily found on dvd

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever

What to do

Hello All

I dont know what to do today.  I need to get some motivation as to what I need to do, I have ironing,washing up food and other things to do and cant get motivated

At least tomorrow I have Scrapbooking to do yipee

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello All

Well Hello everyone
I have decided to bring together all of my blogs and just do one instead of 4.
I hope to let you all know what I am doing in life, whether it be genealogy, gardening, scrap booking or just working and relaxing. Lets hope I get some followers