Thursday, February 14, 2013

Short and Sweet

Well  long time no speak to blog land.
not much happening apart from I am doing a lot of new digi scrapbooking and ordinary scrap booking.  I did a session before Christmas at church and they all want another session doing, maybe do some cards  aswell as a scrapbook page.

Everyone who came did a page and none of them had ever done anything like it before.  But they all did well.  I am doing another very short taster session at a library in Sandwell in March and that is for complete beginners. 8x8 (inch) pages not 12x12 (inch) as I only have an hour.

But i have been asked to do some more sessions at another library soon so need to work on something to for that as well.

I enjoy doing scrapbooking, but when doing it with a lot of people, it can be draining, if you are doing it on your own; but also very fulfilling as well.

Anyway not much from me today.

Lots to do and lots to prepare.

Nite Nite to all of Blog land

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