Friday, April 1, 2011

Lichfield Cathedral today

Hello All

I went out to Lichfield today and decided to take some photos of the architecture and the inside of the building to share with you all.  This I believe is part of the East side of the Cathedral.  It houses a small chapel for quiet prayer.

This is the north end of the building.  All of the stained glass windows have been removed and replaced with clear glass.  When you are inside the Cathedral it is full of light at this end.  Glorious when the sun shines through.

When you are inside the building at the north end and turn round you see this beautiful Gothic screen and it is bathed in pure sun light through the large windows.  It is a real sight to behold.

In the main body of the church is this glorious metal chancel screen.  At the far end is the rear of the Gothic screen. These seats are where the church leaders sit when they important services such as the induction of the Dean etc.

This is a gateway between the chancel and the north end of the Cathedral and I thought you may like to see the artistry in the metal work.  These gates could just be overlooked, but having a couple of uncles who were both welders and loved to show of their abilities I can really appreciate the workmanship in it.

Lastly I thought you may appreciate the floor tiles.  I remember LL Bowen did something with style of floor once in Changing Rooms and the woman hated it.  I love this type of flooring.

All in all I had a great day at Lichfield and hope you like my different tour of the Cathedral