Sunday, May 3, 2015

16 months in a short blog

Hello all

Well the last 16 months have taken their toll on me.  Health wise I am not brilliant at the mo.  Neither me not the hubby have been well since Boxing Day 2014.

But I have a new Guitar for myself and I am getting used to paying again after 23 years.

Only 1 person knew what I was buying for myself so gave them the task of naming him.  She called him Ferdinand and it has stuck.

Trying to get some time each day to play him can proof difficult but I am trying to do it.  

This last 12 months has been really difficult for my extended family my daughter has had loads of problems with one of her childrens' health.  1 good thing that happened is that my brother got married in Oct to a very beautiful lady.  But his health have not been good since December either.  
Work is hard going, but whose isn't these days .  
Good friends and family have been the key to keeping me sane this last few months.

Me signing off

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