Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Bucket list for this my 50th year

  • Set solo UKS challenge 9th march  DONE
  • Get my DNA tested by Autosomal Test from Ancestry  (Looks Like it is going to be available to buy in UK  ONLY WAITED 2 YEARS) sample sent off today . 28/2/15 being processed in the lab  DONE
  • Write more letters (on going project)
  • Make cards for people this year 2015 (ongoing project, already done 10)
  • go to the national archives at kew
  • go away on my own for 2 nights 
  • learn to do something new
  • lose 2 stone by dec 2015
  • read at least 10 books this year (More difficult than you think) Started wtih The Worship Driven Life, A.W. Tozer
  • have a cuppa somewhere really posh
  • unravel the mystery of Albert Collins
  • get my craft storage finally sorted, labelled and useable
  • visit Kiri and phil at least 4 times this year
  • make more Christmas Cards (not enough made this year
  • Drive a tank
  • Try and get to DOP
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